DeepFace Software: Facebook’s Advanced Facial Recognition Project

article from “extreme tech”  Facebook’s facial recognition research project, DeepFace is now very nearly as accurate as the human brain. DeepFace can look at two photos, and irrespective of lighting or angle, can say with 97.25% accuracy whether the photos contain the same face. Humans can perform the same task with 97.53% accuracy. DeepFace is […]

Darklist Software is blacklist of the Internet’s highest risk IPs

The world’s first comprehensive blacklist of the Internet’s highest risk IPs. Traditional blacklists are often prone to false positives and are usually an aggregation of other lists, leading to incomplete or poor coverage. As a result, organizations relying on these lists to protect their business have “blind spots” that can miss high risk traffic and […]

Watch The Endless Global Cyberwar In Real Time

Everyone, everywhere, is trying to break into each other’s computers. Change your password.   Though Americans are constantly warned of the prevalence and danger of cyberattack, the concept remains totally abstract for most people. The reason isn’t just that people don’t understand the methods by which governments and hackers try to gain access to and […]