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If you have a large network on twitter, or think you can sell followers online..we are now accepting Affiliate Signups. Refer Customers to our site,with your customized URL – every time your referred customer buys one of our packages get 10% of that sale.. for example: sell 100k followers for $250 = $25 goes to you. Only requirement is that you have paypal – so that we can pay you!

  • Your Own URL

    Your Own URL

    Promote any of our packages with your own customized affiliate URL. Whether you want to sell twitter followers, datpiff downloads, or youtube views. just use your affiliate extension (?affiliates=2).

  • 4 day Session

    4 day Session

    Maybe your customer doesn’t purchase anything on the first visit, but your referral last for 4 days – Meaning if they come back within that time and make a purchase, with your URL or not – you get the sale…

  • How much $?

    How much $?

    Our top Affiliates make anywhere from $200-$500 a month by simply tweeting and posting links on FB. Say you sell our 1 million followers package. 10% of $2500 is $250! off one sale!

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