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If you have a large network on twitter, or think you can sell followers online..we are now accepting Affiliate Signups. Refer Customers to our site,with your customized URL – every time your referred customer buys one of our packages get 10% of that sale.. for example: sell 100k followers for $250 = $25 goes to you. Only requirement is that you have paypal – so that we can pay you!

[mini-feature-wrap][mini-feature icon="" title="Your Own URL"]Promote any of our packages with your own customized affiliate URL. Whether you want to sell twitter followers, datpiff downloads, or youtube views. just use your affiliate extension (?affiliates=2).[/mini-feature][mini-feature icon="" title="4 day Session"]Maybe your customer doesn’t purchase anything on the first visit, but your referral last for 4 days – Meaning if they come back within that time and make a purchase, with your URL or not – you get the sale…[/mini-feature][mini-feature icon="" title="How much $?"]Our top Affiliates make anywhere from $200-$500 a month by simply tweeting and posting links on FB. Say you sell our 1 million followers package. 10% of $2500 is $250! off one sale![/mini-feature][/mini-feature-wrap]

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